Mike Breen's Play-by-Play on John Lennon's Death

Deep in a good Marek Fuchs New York Times article about how so many sports broadcasters come from Fordham University's WFUV, is a little tale about Mike Breen. I know Mr. Breen to be a great guy (we are both former interns of legendary WCBS-AM 880 reporter Rich Lamb) but I had never heard this story before:

As a freshman, he spun records during an overnight shift when he was the only person at the station. As it happened, he was there, the only one there, on the December night in 1980 when John Lennon was killed.

"I was a geeky freshman," said Mr. Breen, who recalled playing a lot of Beatles songs and reading news in stilted fashion from The Associated Press. Eventually, he had to call the program director for help.

Calls kept coming in from people with stories about Lennon, his lyrics and his life. "They were crying and spilling their emotions," he said, "and it was a little overwhelming and got crazy."