Article of the Week: Watching TV with Russ

This is no titan of sports journalism (think Gary Smith or John McPhee) setting the world straight with his pen. No, this week's article of the week is straight talk from a man, alone, with his television and an NBA game. When Russ Bengston (his last name isn't on the blog, but I'll bet my Blazer jacket with the leather sleeves that this is the blog of the man who edits SLAM!) talks us through the first half of last week's Phoenix/Detroit game, it's as if keyboards and computers had never been invented, and instead we are sitting directly inside the head of a man who is doing what so many of us love to do: watch a game on TV.

Reading Russ's blog post, it's clear to me at least why I love this game. Here's what you'd hear if you were sitting in Russ's head:

Wonder if Rip Hamilton even feels that mask anymore? And does he wear it everywhere? That's the kind of NBA promo spot we need Rip's mask protecting him from everyday hazards, like mosquitos and too-hot coffee...

Someone needs to tell Mike D'Antoni that, while it might have flown in Europe, the mustache just has to go. Stan "Hedgehog" Van Gundy can keep his, though.

If Kurt Thomas and Ben Wallace got into a fight, the only writers qualified to cover it would be Homer and Virgil.

There's plenty more, although he didn't even blog the second half.