Jeff McInnis Gets Actual Coaching, is Shocked

Every NBA team seems to have about 700 coaches these days, so you might assume that players are getting plenty of one-on-one time with the people in charge...

...Until you read the following passage from John Eligon's article in today's New York Times. The story here is that Coach Lawrence Frank sat Jeff McInnis down and showed him, on video, what he was doing that caused Coach Frank to bench him for part of a game. Somehow I thought that kind of thing was happening multiple times a week all over the league. But McInnis's reaction makes me think it's not:

He had a private film session with Frank on Saturday and responded with 10 points against the Lakers and 12 against the Nuggets, many of his baskets coming at crucial moments of the game. McInnis has also taken more of the initiative by creating shots.

He said he was happy that Frank took time out for him. McInnis had fallen out of favor with some of his past teams.

"It was cool he was just showing me what I was doing wrong to try to help me, instead of just benching me and not playing me," McInnis said.