Ahmad Rashad and Summer Sanders Split

Please, no tears.

Inside Stuff the TV Show will be hosted by Sanders alone (she of the large hands--check it out). Rashad will host a new show that would have a much better chance of being cool if someone else were hosting it.

Here's what Paul Gough says about it in a Reuters article:

Cameras will follow such stars as Shaquille O'Neal, Richard Jefferson and Carmelo Anthony, as well as Suns coach Mike D'Antoni and the Maloof brothers, who own the Sacramento Kings. There will be scenes from their lives on and off the court, along with reports from places nationwide.

I will tell you my Ahmad Rashad story.

During the 2000 NBA finals I was in Indianapolis writing articles for HOOP and Inside Stuff. At one point, I found myself in the hallway outside the Laker locker room with Ahmad. Just the two of us, waiting for the locker room to open before the game. I had been working for Inside Stuff the magazine for a while, he was the host of Inside Stuff the TV show and also had a column in the magazine, so I figured as we were killing time, I'd introduce myself. Our conversation went like this.

Me: Ahmad, my name's Henry Abbott. I write for your sister publication, Inside Stuff magazine.
Ahmad: Oh, really.

Then, even though it remains just the two of us, standing alone in an acre of hallway in the bowels of a midwestern arenak, with nothing at all to do but wait, Ahmad TURNED HIS BACK TO MY FACE and has not acknowledged me again to this day, although I have bumped into him several more times in the intervening years.

I think he's ticked because Summer Sanders has bigger hands than him.