Tayshaun Prince is the Best, Darko Milicic Isn't

In the Detroit News, Chris McCosky says that Flip Saunders is finding it increasingly hard to take Tayshaun Prince off the floor, and increasingly difficult to put Darko Milicic on:

Before Saturday's game, Saunders indicated he planned to start incorporating Dale Davis into the rotation more, perhaps taking time away from Darko Milicic, who has struggled of late.

Smart man, that Flip Saunders.

And, just as Saunders is distancing himself from Darko, so indeed is FreeDarko itself:

We're not Pistons fans, and the actual plight of Darko Milicic, the man, interests us very little. For us, Darko is a symbol of many compelling storylines in the Association: the European influx, the never-ending quest for the next big thing (how many of us are already tired of hearing about Greg Oden and O.J. Mayo?), and the larger geopolitical and cultural issues surrounding a seven foot war orphan trying to navigate his way through contemporary American society. But, he's just a symbol. A mascot. Sometimes a name is just a name.

Maybe Flip should try the same approach as he explains the decline in minutes: "it's not personal, Darko, it's geopolitical."