Friday Bullets

  • Mark Monteith is my favorite source so far for Ron Artest trade rumors. Some that he passes along: Golden State's Mike Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle for Ron Artest and Jeff Foster; Artest and Erazem Lorbek, for Toronto's Morris Peterson, perhaps Matt Bonner, and perhaps a pick; the Lakers could offer some combination of Devean George, Chris Mihm, Slava Medvedenko, or maybe even Lamar Odom for Artest; the Clippers have a matching salary in Corey Maggette, but are likely unwilling to part with him; and Miami has a salary match with Antoine Walker. All of those deals pretty much suck for the Pacers, if you ask me, if you're talking pure talent.

  • Vince Carter could be Artest trade bait, too. Not a bad offer out of this lineup.

  • Playing basketball in Iran. Iran gets a bad rap, but don't confuse the creepy government with the people. It's a complex place with a lively pro-democracy, pro-ideas, and pro-freedom movement. These basketball players say Iran's a little tough to explain to Texans.

  • Cedric Maxwell: "If Ron Artest goes to heaven he is still going to be complaining, 'The sun is shining too bright!'"

  • The Blazer Brass are, according to John Canzano, monkeying with Nate McMillan's words, trying--it would seem--to make it appear like McMillan really didn't criticize the team's best player. Jason Quick wrote the story in question and clears the air.

  • I'm a day late pointing this out, but did you notice Phoenix played with just seven active players? Do the rules prevent them signing some free agent help, or are they just that cheap?

  • Steve Kelley is a fantastic columnist, and today he's writing about Nate McMillan, who says: "Right now, I'm not coaching, I'm teaching. I'm coaching more for next year and the year after, more so than right now. We're just so green as a team. I'm trying to condition these guys that, 'It's not going to get better unless you work.'"

  • Hey, the first one went so well, little Nate Robinson got in another fistfight with a teammate! New tactic this time: "Nate tried to jump on me when I was naked, thinking he had the advantage that way," [Malik] Rose said. "He just got on my nerves, trying to get his money, and I'm not giving it to him. It was a couple of dollars." It was all about a Seahawks/Eagles bet.

  • Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady get double-teamed all the time--and it's usually Ryan Bowen who gets left open. The ups and downs of being ignored by the defense.

  • An entire Knick game, including commercials, in 60 minutes, on MSG. On ESPN they do it in about 14 seconds. I'd like something in between.