Article of the Week: Whit Watson's Road Diary

Oh, it's not Hemingway, but it's a personable and fun account of traveling on the road with an NBA team. And it has some little tidbits you won't get anywhere else, like this account of injured Keyon Dooling's attempt to help his team with one part of him that does work--his mouth:

As a veteran, the injured guard requires rookie Travis Diener to give him a hand out of his seat. Diener, to his credit, does so with a mildly amused look on his face. It should be noted that Travis Diener was a two-time all-conference player at Marquette, leading his team to the Final Four in 2003. Tonight, he's helping Keyon Dooling stand up. Welcome to the NBA, rookie.

As for the chatter from Dooling, it is both non-stop and exquisite. To Knicks rookie Channing Frye, after getting dunked on by Dwight Howard: "You better get used to that, Channing! It's gonna happen all night!"

To the entire Knicks lineup, after a touch-foul sends Grant Hill to the free throw line: "You can't touch Mr. Hill! Don't you know who that is?"

To Jamal Crawford: "Jamal, as soon as you get it, shoot it, baby. Just put it up. Don't even hesitate. We WANT you shooting it."

And he says a lot of bad things about Stephon Marbury and the Knicks, which is always good for ratings.