Ronny Turiaf is Back in Action

Just to recap: he was drafted by the Lakers in June, discovered he had a potentially fatal heart condition a few weeks later, had his contract voided just after that, and underwent hardcore surgery.

It seemed likely, at the outset, that he would never play basketball again.

Last night, according to the Associated Press, Turiaf scored nine points and grabbed five rebounds for the Yakama Sun Kings. He was so excited about it, that afterwards, he declared himself to be a diety (which in some ways is better than being a Laker, whatever that is):

"I'm not physically healthy enough to endure practice and training for an NBA schedule," Turiaf said at a Wednesday news conference. "I'm using Yakama as training. As long as I'm here, I will work hard and I will try to make this team better."

Turiaf, who worked out with the Sun Kings for the first time Wednesday, said he got "a little winded" but otherwise felt good. He said he will be working to get back to NBA form, but for now, "I'm a Sun King."