Dave D'Alessandro: The Problem is that Larry Brown Hates his Roster

In his mailbag, Dave D'Alessandro gives his two cents about what's wrong with the Knicks, and I love it both because it's a different take than most people seem to have, and because it let's us all get back to what we love doing so much here at TrueHoop, and that's blame Larry Brown for stuff:

If they played their kids since Game 1 " and by that, I mean a consistent rotation comprising Curry-Marbury-Lee-Frye-Robinson-Crawford-Ariza-Butler " they'd be miles ahead of where they are now. In other words, Brownie, you're doin' a heck of a job. The coach came in with an obvious aversion for the roster, the players sensed it since Day 1, and it has sabotaged everything he has tried to do.