William Wesley as Dennis Rodman's Promoter/Heavy

On March 13 1997, the Bulls played at Philadelphia and beat the 76ers 108-104. Later that night, Dennis Rodman appeared at The Iguana Club for a some kind of "live and uncensored" act. Near the end of the event, some women from the audience started taking their clothes off. Things are crazy like that in Rodman's world I guess. A freelance photographer took some pictures. Guess who allegedly dragged him down the stairs and threatened him. Here's how the Associated Press tells it:

Hunsinger and other witnesses told the newspaper that at that time, a few of the female fans were taking off their blouses to expose their breasts to Rodman and were exchanging obscene sexual comments with him. An event promoter said he thought photographers had left by that time.

Hunsinger said [William] Wesley grabbed him and said he did not want pictures taken of Rodman and the fans, and pointed to posted signs forbidding photographs.

"He grabbed me, first by the leg and then by the throat, and pulled me down a set of steps and downstairs into the lobby, where there were police on duty as club security," said Hunsinger, who was not injured. "When I gave him my (business) card, he said he would come after me to get the film since now he knew where I lived."

Police intervened and confiscated the camera and film, which they later gave back...

Wesley, who gave a Chicago address, could not be reached for comment. An assistant who answered Wesley's phone in Chicago told the newspaper that photos were not supposed to be taken at the event, but declined further comment.