Friday Bullets

  • Bringing Jerry West into the Warriors' organization as an adviser will certainly lend credibility to the new ownership. Will it actually improve basketball decision-making? Hard to know. In his last job, he made the Grizzlies OK, but not as good as much-maligned Chris Wallace made them.

  • Sam Amick, for Sports Illustrated, quotes Tyler Honeycutt demonstrating how to get dumped by your girlfriend: "'They asked who you would choose if I had to pick between your girlfriend and your dog,' said Honeycutt, who met with seven teams on Thursday, including the Cavs (Nos. 1 and 4, plus two second-round picks), Philadelphia (No. 16, one second-round pick) and the Lakers (four second-round picks). 'I just didn't even answer. I said I couldn't answer that. It's too hard to pick.'"

  • Chad Ford quotes NBA execs on Jeremy Tyler, who appears to be readier for the NBA than anybody thought. Conclusion: Obviously going overseas was a disaster. Does that add up? "If Tyler had gone the more traditional route, I think he would've been a lottery pick. He does some things that are pretty impressive. We're doing a lot of homework on him and we think he's a good kid who got some really bad advice. But as far as basketball talent goes, he has the chance to be really, really good." Here's a different interpretation: There's a certain way things are done in American basketball and nobody likes change. When good players depart from the course, the knee-jerk story is that they chose poorly. But in fact going overseas is as good as any system, as far as anybody knows. If Jeremy Tyler makes the NBA, players who have tried it will be two for two.

  • The play that got Russell Westbrook benched. The Thunder are supposed to be screening and cutting, but they're just standing around. In the end,Westbrook went solo. But he was right that his teammates didn't run the play.

  • How the Heat get their best looks.

  • Anyone reading this using performance enhancing drugs? Read this. Seems like that kind of sneaking around seems like it ought to make you happy, but in fact really does not. Coming clean, however, feels great.

  • Carlos Boozer and Gwyneth Paltrow, both now rapping.

  • None of the teams left in the playoffs starts a center who's a big threat to post up.

  • Pretty good clutch PER for LeBron James.

  • Basketball knowledge from outer space, or at least from Isaac Asimov science fiction.