Gothic Ginobili's 370 NBA player capsules

Are you a completist? Obsessive about making sure no collection in your home has a missing component? Do you get nervous if you lend out Season Three of your favorite TV series and are now staring at a hole on your shelf?

Meet Aaron McGuire of TrueHoop Network blog, Gothic Ginobili.

For the better part of six months, Gothic Ginobili has been rolling out their player capsules three at a time. The capsules, ordered at random, each contain eyeball observations, advanced stats, external links to interesting stuff. You learn that Nikola Vucevic taught himself English by watching "He Got Game," and that Daniel Gibson was barely below average for an NBA Finals point guard by statistical measures. You'll also have the pleasure of reading descriptions like this one:

If the NBA was performance art, [Andre] Miller would be the town's muted bladesmith, performing in front of a nearly-empty house. Always quiet, never elaborate, extremely effective. Spends these long hours pounding away with his scaling hammer on a piece whose beauty is rarely appreciated as much as their application to war. Never gets wholescale appreciation for what he brings to the table, but always comes back and puts the same loving care into every pass thrown and offense built. Miller is simply brilliant, and there's a rare few players in the league that are anything like him.

In all, the Gothic Ginobili capsules come to 374,000 words. The best way to sample? Navigate toward your favorite players, and go from there.