Chris Bosh, Cyber Hero

Some jerk beat Chris Bosh to registering the domain www.chrisbosh.com. So Bosh went after the cybersquatter. All sorts of legal wrangling later, Bosh has won damages, his domain ... and a zillion other domains the same guy had been squatting.

There are nearly 800 names in the list, and Bosh and his internet consultant, Hadi Teherany of Max Deal, say they'll return them all to their rightful owners for free.

Which means a good chunk of the basketball world will be owing Bosh a favor. The list is thick with basketball players in the NBA, overseas, college and high school. There are also some football players, political sites, Britney Spears' child, singers, a site or two that sound raunchy, and the Mexican wrestler "El Octagon."

Just a few of the many NBA names on the list:

  • SamCassell.com

  • SteveNash.com

  • AmareStoudemire.com

  • AndreIguodala.com

  • JJRedick.com

  • EddyCurry.com

  • CarmeloAnthony.com

  • BrandonJennings.com

  • DelonteWest.com

  • LuolDeng.com

  • KobeStopper.com

  • CaronButler.com

  • DeronWilliams.com

  • DariusMiles.com

  • BryanColangelo.com

(Also on the list is AaronAfflalo.com, even though that Denver player spells his first name "Arron.") The vast list of names also includes instructions for athletes and celebrities to get their names back from Bosh, if they wish. Paging El Octagon ...