The TrueHoop Network Expands: Welcome Celtics Hub

Boston CelticsIt's almost a joke. There are, almost literally, a million blogs about the Boston Celtics. That team, for whatever reason, has been very well covered by the blogosphere since the outset. The big daddy has long been CelticsBlog, but from PerkisaBeast to Red's Army, the bench is deep and talented.

The TrueHoop Network needed a blog in Boston, so we read them all, and were pleased.

But in all that research, we (by we I mean mostly Kevin Arnovitz) also came across a collection of great writers who loved the Celtics, but for whatever reason weren't writing about them regularly. So we floated the idea. How about starting ... that's right ... another blog about the Celtics?

And they did. The GM/point guard of the team is Bryan Roy, but he's getting great contributions from Zach Lowe and Brian Robb, and there is talk that the team could grow from there.

Celtics Hub is already keeping on top of breaking news, delivering analysis, and even doing some heavy lifting, for instance, by going through the archives to isolate the finest clutch performances of Paul Pierce's recent career.

It's a new team with a lot of promise, and I couldn't be happier to have them as part of the TrueHoop Network.

Welcome, Celtics Hub.