Thursday Bullets

By Maurice Brooks

  • If I would have known that Knicks' first-round pick Danilo Gallinari might only play one game, I would have watched warm-ups a lot more closely.

  • Greg Oden goes one-on-one with J.E. Skeets.

  • The big three of Marcus Camby, Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony weren't going to be planning a championship parade anytime soon.

  • According to Brent Barry, he has two seasons left as an NBA player. Helping the Rockets win a title would be the perfect ending to his career.

  • This is not exactly how Luol Deng and Ben Gordon drew it up.

  • By signing Daniel Gibson early, the Cavaliers are proving they have learned from their mistakes.

  • Allegedly Canada's national team coach told Samuel Dalembert to take a hike.

  • Here is some really good advice for Ron Artest.