Return of the Car Wash King

ESPN's Sam Alipour has a great interview with Charles Oakley, who is considering a comeback. Here's my favorite part:

Your pal Jordan knows a thing or two about comebacks. What advice has he given you?

MJ is my best friend. He respects me as a friend (regardless) of what I want to do. He says, "If they going to pay you, you come back. If they're not going to pay you, don't." I'm not going to come back for no veteran's minimum. I'm coming back for a good salary. You can't buy me. Money can't buy me. But I'm not coming back for no bull---- money.

OK then, what is not "bull---- money"?

At least two years, $10 million. Nine or 10 million. I'm not coming back for a million and five. My value is worth more than that.

That's a lot of money, Oak. Is this comeback about money?

It's not about money. Money is a part of the comeback, but you can't buy me. It's something I'd be happy with, but I can get you more than what you paid for. I'll give you three-times your money.

You're often spotted in Vegas and it's well known that you like to gamble. Is your comeback attempt at all related to gambling?

No, it's not about gambling. I have money. I have six car washes. I have one that's worth $10 million, one that's worth $5 million. You know, like, I'm probably worth $25 million dollars in assets.