Best dunks in Nuggets history

I just learned the Nuggets went years under Doug Moe, starring Alex English, with hardly any dunks at all.

But for a team with a lost dunker's decade, they sure do well in the conversation of greatest dunks of all time. There's the whole catalog of David Thompson's Nugget dunks to consider, and then three of this season's best dunks: Carmelo Anthony on Paul Millsap, Ty Lawson on D.J. Mbenga and J.R. Smith on the moon.

All of that is re-capped nicely, and well worth your read, in a monster jam of a post over at Denver Stiffs.

And let me weigh in right here to say that the 'Melo dunk, mostly for its sheer audacity, is my favorite by any player in the NBA this season.