Notable offseason moves by contenders

Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

Andre Iguodala had the second-highest FG percentage among all players inside of five feet last season (min. 200 attempts).The Houston Rockets have made the biggest splash this offseason, but they aren’t the only playoff team from last season making moves.

Below is a statistical look at some of the other moves made by 2013 playoff teams looking to improve.

Golden State Warriors/Andre Iguodala

The 6-6 Iguodala has a skillset that should complement the Warriors' hot-shooting backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Highest FG Pct Inside 5 Feet
Last Season

Iguodala’s strength on offense is his ability to finish around the basket.

Of the 135 players with at least 200 field goal attempts inside five feet last season, only LeBron James (75 percent) finished with a better field goal percentage than Iguodala (73.4 percent).

Iguodala made more field goals (212) inside five feet than Curry and Thompson combined last season (206).

Defensively, Iguodala can also take the tougher defensive assignments off the hands of Curry and Thompson.

Iguodala was the fourth-best defender in isolation last season, allowing 0.63 points per play. Thompson ranked 44th and Curry ranked 65th as isolation defenders (min. 100 plays).

New York Knicks/Andrea Bargnani

The Knicks traded Steve Novak and several other pieces to acquire Bargnani. Despite shooting 45 percent from 3-point range with the Knicks, Novak fell out of the rotation in postseason play due to concerns over his defense.

Win Shares In Last 2 Seasons

However, if the Knicks expect Bargnani to replace Novak’s offense while providing better defense, they may be mistaken.

Win shares estimates the number of wins a player contributed to a team based off statistical performance, and can be divided into offensive and defensive win shares.

Novak was slightly better defensively according to the win shares but was more than five wins better on offense than Bargnani. This is due in part to Bargnani shooting 42 percent from the field and 30 percent on 3-pointers during that time.

Furthermore, the Knicks were nearly the same defensively with or without Novak on the court the last two seasons, allowing 101.4 points per 100 possessions with Novak and 101.1 points without him. The Raptors were 2.8 points per 100 possessions worse with Bargnani on the court the last two seasons.

Los Angeles Clippers/J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley

The Clippers shot 36 percent from 3-point range last season, 15th in the NBA. During the postseason, however, the Clippers struggled from deep, shooting just 30 percent, third-worst among the 16 playoff teams.

Both Redick and Dudley should be able to help the Clippers from beyond the arc as they are two of the 18 active players who have attempted at least 1,000 3-pointers and hit at least 39 percent of those shots since 2006-07.

That was the year Redick entered the NBA and one year before Dudley began his career.