Video Chat with NBA Experts (and Zach Harper) on HoopSpeak Live!

Over at HoopSpeak, something new and exciting is afoot. Today at 2:30PM EST: I'll be hosting a live video chat along with Zach Harper of Daily Dime Live fame and fellow HoopSpeaker Ethan Sherwood Strauss.

Guests will include TrueHoop himself, Henry Abbott, Heat Index’s Kevin Arnovitz and the very talented John Krolik, founder of Cavs: the Blog.

Here’s what’s so cool: while we are gabbing on about the playoffs, the draft, and why Zach has such a furry face, you can ask questions by text AND video. If you’ve got a web cam, headphones, and a quiet location, you can hop on and get in the video conversation!

Come check it out!