Las Vegas Summer League Bullets: Day 4

  • Amin Vafa of Hardwood Paroxysm talked to Dion Waiters about the expectations the rookie faces after a disappointing start at Summer League.

  • Andrew McNeill of 48 Minutes of Hell writes that Kahwi Leonard’s outstanding performance on Sunday evokes lessons from Chris Ballard’s book The Art of a Beautiful Game: “We shouldn’t want to see him dominate, for him to make it look easy. Mistakes are a good thing, so long as they’re coming in ways that Leonard is unfamiliar with. As Sunday night’s game developed, Leonard seemed to make adjustments and improvements on the fly. Where the driving lanes were clogged early, Kawhi figured out how to exploit them and get to the rim.”

  • Some teams use Summer League as a means of getting particular guys acclimated to playing together, while others simply focus on giving players minutes. It would appear that the Celtics are in the latter category. First-round picks Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo both impressed in Boston’s 87-69 victory over the Hawks, but they did not play together much. I asked Melo about this, and he didn’t seem to think it was a predictor of the way the rookies would be used during the regular season: “We’re just playing, having fun, and trying to play hard. We don’t worry about rotations right now.”

  • Sullinger’s father instilled an appetite for rebounding in him from preschool, Sullinger tells CSNNE.com’s Jessica Camerato.

  • If you watch only one video featuring the Warriors’ Draymond Green getting coffee for Charles Jenkins, waxing philosophical about his love of R&B music, and riding through Las Vegas Aladdin-style on a magic carpet, make it this one.

  • Which NBA coach has the best sense of style? Alvin Gentry weighs in.

  • James Herbert of Hardwood Paroxysm sat next to Damian Lillard’s mother, who was in the stands as the sixth-overall pick scored 25 points in his Summer League debut for Portland.

  • Hornets 247 has video interviews with Austin Rivers and Xavier Henry following the Hornets' loss to the Trail Blazers.

  • Blazers rookie Meyers Leonard throws down a dunk in practice and celebrates with a cartwheel, no small feat for a seven-footer. (via OregonLive.com)

  • Chris Bosh shares the most impressive meal he's ever cooked, and rates himself as a dancer.

  • Charlie Yao of Roundball Mining Company interviews ESPN’s own David Thorpe about Chukwudiebere Maduabum, the Nuggets’ 2011 second-round draft choice who was prevented from entering the league due to visa problems.

  • Mike Prada of SB Nation is impressed not only with Bradley Beal’s talent but also his coachability.

  • Kyle Weidie of Truth About It points to Wizards guard Earl Calloway as a standout performance from Washington’s loss to the D-League squad whose impact won’t necessarily be reflected in the box score.