Catching Up with Zabian Dowdell

Kevin Pelton of Supersonics.com has written a splendid story on Zabian Dowdell, who is keeping his head up despite limited minutes here at the NBA Summer League:

Even before the Draft concluded, Dowdell heard from the Sonics, who had shown interest in him before the Draft, considering him with their two picks early in the second round. New Assistant GM Scott Perry delivered the sales pitch that convinced Dowdell to join the Sonics for the summer.

"Scott did a great job of making sure that Zabian knew that we valued him and that this would be a good opportunity for him," said Sonics GM Sam Presti.

"Trying to figure out what each team is doing and how that will change the rest of the Draft and who might be falling deep into the second round and ultimately out of the Draft, that's a whole other facet to the Draft that most people don't ever see.

"Scott did a wonderful job Draft night of not just projecting possible scenarios but also communicating effectively during the second round to make sure that we had good opportunities and were able to lay out our approach and our plan to potential players who went undrafted."