Coming Soon: Sonicsgate

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

The trailer for Sonicsgate begins with a cheery montage to the tune of the Sonics' 1979 theme song:

Sonics Basketball!

From the opening tip up till the final call

You can be with the people and hear them shout

As you watch the shooting stars come out!

Three minutes and several indignant testimonials later, the reel ends with the mournful sounds of "The Truth" by Seattle-based producer Jake One.

The interview clips in the trailer feature everyone from longtime Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro to former Washington state Senator Slade Gorton to leaders of Save Our Sonics. What's most striking is the number of people to whom you can reasonably assign blame -- Howard Schultz, Clay Bennett, Greg Nickels, the state legislature, citizen groups who opposed a taxpayer-subsidized new arena for the team, and so on.

The film's internet premiere is October 12.

The trailer can be found below. [Hat Tip: Mike Seely of Seattle Weekly]