Wednesday Bullets

  • Just how did the Knicks play better against the Heat? Strategy savant Sebastian Pruiti shows us how New York found success, curbing pick and rolls.

  • Love when John Krolik uses a device like “Teams are allowed to shoot from behind that line, and in fact shots made from beyond that line count for more points bullets” to convey his Cavs frustration. I thought the second biggest tragedy of the Gilbert era was how a great writer got robbed of good fodder. Krolik is somehow finding new comedic heights in subterranean Cavs mediocrity.

  • As the reaper taps his foot next to Tim Duncan’s career, the Spurs are blossoming. 48 Minutes of Hell parses how San Antonio could be escaping the funeral pyre.

  • Darius Soriano from Forum Blue and Gold wonders if this is rock bottom for the Lakers. Why do I feel like Los Angeles will emerge from this funk, strong and scary as ever? Oh ya, the two consecutive championships. Now I remember.

  • Personally, I enjoyed Indy's dalliance with decency. Jared Wade is here to tell us that the Pacers have officially become mediocre.

  • Ryan DeGarma of Celtics Hub delves into the mysteries of Boston's bench. And apparently, a hilariously glum-looking Marquis Daniels is the straw that stirs the drink.