Thaddeus Young Has a Word or Two for His College Coach

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

There's a lot of mutual affection between Thaddeus Young and his college coach, Paul Hewitt. Over the holidays, we visited with Hewitt and spoke with him about Young, and other Georgia Tech products that grew up under his tutelage. Hewitt confessed that he likes to rib his former standout about his, shall we say, less than confident right hand:

If you look at Thad's last ten games his freshman year, he averaged something like 19 or 20 points a game. He really started to get it. He started shooting the three well, attacking the basket. He still couldn't go right [laughs]. That's something we always teased him about, but he's gotten better with that.

I caught up with Young after the sophomore practice today and asked him how his right-handed game was coming along. The question induced immediate laughter from both Young and Sixers' Director of PR Michael Preston. Young then answered it with a light-hearted defensiveness:

Yeah [laughter from both Young and Preston]. Hey, you ask Mike. I've been throwing those right-handed hook shots up, little right-hand flip shots, layups. Now, I don't quite have the running floater yet, but it's getting there.

Hey, you tell Coach Hewitt that I said he can stay off my right hand! [Laughter]