Exit Interview: Sam Vincent on Gerald Wallace

Last season, Sam Vincent got one of the worst NBA head coaching jobs out there. He inherited a pretty bad roster in Charlotte, and then endured massive injuries to Adam Morrison, Sean May, Gerald Wallace, and others.

He made the best of it (in no small part by getting himself a nifty little whistle gadget).

The team had some nice wins, and managed to finish five games out of the playoffs in a weak conference.

Yet Vincent was fired, and replaced by Larry Brown.

Vincent has returned to the D-League whence he came, where he is taking over the Anaheim Arsenal.

Matt from Ridiculous Upside caught up with Vincent. The coach had an interesting thought about Gerald Wallace's need to find his role:

Gerald Wallace is a very talented basketball player. I think he has unique skills that afford him the ability to really help the team.

But I think Gerald Wallace, he decides how effective he is going to be.

If he accepts the role, and understands that that role can make the team a whole lot better, he's going to become even better. But it's when he steps out of that box, he decides to do a little too much and it sometimes hurts the team. Last year, we went out to L.A., beat the Lakers, he had a great game, he had three games on that roadtrip where he was phenomenal and we won all three.

When we had Gerald in that kind of role and Jason [Richardson] doing his thing, we were a pretty good team. We just didn't have the chemistry to do that for a whole year, and part of that was I was learning the guys and they were learning me.