Will the Thrill in 2001

A PistonPowered reader unearthed some footage of the reality series, "Preps: Chicago Hoops," which charted a constellation of basketball stars in the Chicago Area. The three primary subjects of the docu-series included Eddy Curry, Sean Dockery and Kyle Kleckner (who went on to play defensive back at Illinois). The series aired on Fox Sports Net in a late-afternoon time slot during the winter and spring of 2001.

Though he's not one of the title sequence characters of the series, Will Bynum is featured prominently. He's presented as Sean Dockery's main rival in the Chicago Public League. The producers set up the parallel: Dockery is the classical floor general at southside's Julian High School, while Bynum is a dynamic, ball-dominating point guard at westside's Crane High School. Both are considered can't-misses at the college level. Dockery goes on to play for Mike Krzyzewski at Duke. Bynum spent a couple of seasons at Arizona before transferring to Georgia Tech.

A perpetual theme in the the Bynum segments?

He feels underrated.

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