Chamberlain literally puts stamp on world

Courtesy U.S. Postal Service

Wilt Chamberlain needed a stamp and he's getting a stamp. Of all the NBA players, Wilt's the first to receive such a blessing from the U.S. postal service. The Philadelphia 76ers also needed something to celebrate nowadays, and they'll do so with a 3D tribute video on Oct. 8, in commemoration of the stamp's unveiling.

Chamberlain is almost a mythic figure, in part because we've collectively seen so little of his astounding play. There's no footage of Wilt's 100-point night, even though it's one of the most famous games in sports history. The downside is that people lack a way to actively appreciate what the since-passed legend meant to the game. Few of his games are replayed on television. His YouTube highlights are sparse and blurry, logged mostly from the back nine of his career. At this point it's difficult to suss out how much of his legend (on and off court) is apocryphal.

Because of his odd combination of fame sans-video evidence, this unique honor makes sense. It's an old technology in service of burnishing the legend of a bygone era's dominant force. The hope is that it keeps a great player's legacy alive, even if we can see but a sliver of what formed his career.