Oh boy: Kirk Cousins' pass helps reveal gender of baby

It wasn’t the best pass, but it certainly was one of his most meaningful. And the end result caused Kirk Cousins’ wife to jump into the air, and then husband and wife hugged.

Three words explain their joy: It’s a boy.

Yes, the Washington Redskins quarterback picked the one way to reveal the gender of their baby that a passer should: by throwing a little football at what appeared to be a cardboard box with a big black question mark painted on it. Cousins and his wife, Julie, stood in a backyard (they stay in Atlanta during the offseason).

The throw was low and to the left -- maybe he was aiming for that spot. But upon contact, powder blue smoke poured from the box. Then they celebrated: Julie jumped up and down; Cousins raised his arms as if he had just thrown a touchdown pass; and they hugged and kissed. It does not appear that he shouted out, “You like that?” Nor did he tussle his wife's hair. But their dog, Bentley, came running into the picture with a blue bandana around his neck.

Now the question becomes: What happens when the baby arrives? Julie Cousins is due in Week 2 of the NFL season, and her husband told ESPN's Adam Schefter on his Know Them From Adam podcast recently that he is uncertain how he will handle that week. Cousins said he is hoping for a home game -- or at least a close road game just in case.

And the other question remains: Where will his son watch him play as a toddler? Cousins signed his franchise tag tender with the Redskins earlier this month and the team has told him they don’t want to trade him. Considering the two sides haven’t spoken since the scouting combine in Indianapolis -- and weren’t close to a deal at that time -- it would appear that Cousins will go through this process again in 2018. Perhaps at that time he’ll know where his future home will be, whether it’s Washington or elsewhere.

But all in all, it hasn’t been a bad offseason for Cousins. He signed a contract that guarantees him $23.94 million, and now he has learned his wife will be having a boy.