Shanahan defends RG III turnovers

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan didn’t have a problem with Robert Griffin III's decisions. He did have a problem with the end results.

Shanahan said Griffin did not make a mistake on his second-quarter interception in Sunday's loss to Detroit, throwing a pass on the run as a defensive player pulled him down from behind.

“It’s not his fault,” Shanahan said. “I was very upset during the game. I thought he threw it haphazardly. Really, it was a great throw, but it just didn’t work out that way. I won’t go through the blame. After the game I thought it was a mistake, but it was a good throw.”

Griffin appeared to be throwing to receiver Pierre Garcon along the right sideline. Garcon was jogging back to the ball and was even with defensive back Chris Houston, who surged ahead and made the pick at the Lions' 13. Garcon had stepped out of bounds. It was the first career interception Griffin’s thrown in the red zone.

As for the fumble Griffin lost, Shanahan said he was OK with the quarterback diving head-first rather than feet-first. Griffin tried to go feet-first on a zone-read run around the end, though he looked more like a Little Leaguer learning to slide for the first time.

“Like I said after the game, I’ve had a lot of guys do it both ways,” Shanahan said. “A lot of people go feet-first and other guys want to get extra yards and go face-first. I told Robert do it any way he wants. He just has to hold onto the ball if he goes head-first.”