Jarvis Jenkins says he'll play Sunday

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins won’t start, but he said he will play at the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Jenkins missed the first four games because of an NFL-mandated four-game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. Kedric Golston is still expected to start. Linebacker Rob Jackson also missed those games with a suspension.

“I think I’ll go play, I don’t know how much,” Jenkins said. “Coach [Jim Haslett] told me he wanted to ease me into it. He didn’t want to just throw me in there. I had four weeks off so he’ll ease into it and see how it goes the first couple quarters and that will determine my play the rest of the game.”

The coaches said Thursday that they wanted to make sure Jenkins was in proper football shape. The coaches wanted to see how well he remembered his assignments when he started to get tired. Jenkins said he felt he improved in this area the past three days.

“My main focus is not making mistakes when I do get in there,” Jenkins said. “Obviously I already set myself back. I should go out and give 100 percent and that should be noticeable when I get on the field. That’s one thing I have to show, that even though I was suspended I’m the same Jarvis coming back.”