Power Rankings: No. 28 Washington

A weekly examination of the Redskins' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 10 | Last Week: 27 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

It wasn’t that long ago that the Washington Redskins were considered a top-10 team, one that was on the rise and had all sorts of promise. Honestly, it really wasn’t. It just feels that way. And after five games, the Redskins are only saved from the bottom by some horrific football being played by four other teams.

The Redskins can’t consider themselves a good team playing bad ball. Right now, they’re just a bad team, one that finds a way to lose. They’ve lost games because of defense, offense and now special teams. There’s no one side of the ball that is consistent and that’s how you get to 1-4 and ranked 28th in the latest ESPN.com Power Rankings. You want to talk turnaround? Just play an overall solid game first. This isn't just about quarterback Robert Griffin III and his recovery from knee surgery. If it was, the Redskins could have withstood the transition.

It’s a dishonor well-earned. Sure, the Redskins should be better than this. But they’re not; this is their new reality, one that is more reminiscent of their recent past than what they showed at the end of last season.

They’re an organization that breeds inconsistency, with good years followed by bad. It happened after each of their past three playoff seasons under owner Dan Snyder. They made the playoffs in 1999; went 8-8 and fired their coach the next season. They made it at 10-6 in 2005 and went 5-11 in 2006; they went 9-7 in 2007 and then 8-8 a year later, losing their last six. At this point the Redskins would embrace an 8-8 record. Heck, they might smother it out of delight. And they have not won double-digit games in consecutive seasons since 1990-91. They have a ton of work to do if they want that to change.