Brandon Scherff's contract breakdown

The numbers weren’t going to vary much from what Brandon Scherff, the fifth overall pick in the draft, ultimately received. But the good news for he and the Redskins is that he signed the contract and now only needs to worry about playing. For the next four years at least (maybe five if they pick up his option).

Scherff was considered the best offensive lineman in the draft, but the question many had was this: Is he best suited for tackle or guard? The Redskins will try him at tackle and if he doesn’t work there, eventually they’d move him to guard. Regardless, they now have him for four seasons to figure it all out.

Scherff’s four-year deal is worth $21,215,638 -- all guaranteed. He received a $13,689,555 signing bonus.

Here’s his contract breakdown:


Base salary: $435,000

Cap hit: $3,857,388


Base salary: $1,399,348

Cap hit: $4,821,736


Base salary: $2,363,695

Cap hit: $5,786,083


Base salary: $3,328,040

Cap hit: $6,750,431

Note: If they wanted to cut him, for whatever reason, this would be the first season it could happen where the Redskins would get any savings. How much? A whopping $3. Yes, $3. I have a hunch this won't be an issue.