Redskins get comforts of home on road

Going back to Denver will be like a comfort weekend for some of the Washington Redskins. Washington is staying at the same downtown Denver hotel in which its quarterback, Robert Griffin III, was married last summer on July 6.

And Shanahan's Steakhouse, the Denver restaurant that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan owns, which hosted RGIII's rehearsal dinner on July 4, will be feeding the team a post-game meal Sunday.

After Sunday's game, Shanahan's Steakhouse managing partner Marc Steron will be handing out about 100 boxed meals that include mini-steak sandwiches, homemade potato salad, Asian slaw, the restaurant's signature brownies and Shanahan's butter mints for each player and coach to take on the bus that will take them back to the airport. The Redskins hope to feast on Denver's defense Sunday, but they know they will eat well after the game. They just hope it's a Happy Meal.