Redskins roster by the numbers

ASHBURN, Va. -- The roster analysis was written over the weekend; now it's time to break it down by the numbers. What does it mean? Well, the Redskins have valued their draft picks more in recent years than in the past. Part of that could stem from the salary-cap violations of the past two offseasons, forcing them to improve from within. Regardless, it was a necessary shift in philosophy. They still have 22 players who played for another team, which is far different than, say, Green Bay, which has only two such players. But the Packers are unique. Still, the more you have of your own guys, the better off you are -- and the Redskins' number was actually 20 in 2009, pre-Shanahan. There are explanations for this -- in a rebuild you gut the roster and start over -- but that's the bottom line number.

Before the Shanahan era, and even early on in it, I remember asking players about their favorite football highlight. None, or at least very, very few of these highlights included anything with the Redskins. Their strong bonds, it felt, were built elsewhere. And it felt like too many of them were here because of the money; it's easier to foster a team concept through draft choices and homegrown talent. That's the direction Washington has headed under Shanahan.

And the list does not include suspended players Rob Jackson or Jarvis Jenkins, who would add to the draft choice total (with Jackson being picked in 2008; Jenkins in 2011)

Anyway, here's the 2013 roster by the numbers. Draw your own conclusions:

Draft choices by the Redskins: 24

Draft choices under Mike Shanahan: 20

Draft choices from past three years under Shanahan: 18

Draft choices by the Redskins on the opening day roster in Shanahan's first season, 2010: 16

Draft choices by the Redskins on opening day roster in 2009: 27

Draft choices by the Redskins who are currently starters: 9

Draft choices picked by Shanahan who are starting: 6

Former undrafted free agents: 9

Players who have played for another team: 22

Former first-round picks: 9

Players picked in the first three rounds: 20

Players picked in rounds 6 and 7, or who went undrafted: 22

Former undrafted free agents starting: 7 (including LS Nick Sundberg and K Kai Forbath; this also assumes a two TE, two RB set with TE Logan Paulsen and FB Darrel Young)

Former first-round picks starting: 6

Picks in rounds 1-3 starting: 9

Former 6th-7th round picks starting: 6

Players signed as unrestricted free agents: 12

Players remaining from pre-Shanahan era: 9 (including Young, though this group converted him to FB)

Players 30 or older: 9

Players 26 or younger: 29

Starters 30 years old or older: 5 (including punter Sav Rocca)

Starters 26 years old or younger: 6 (if they open with two TEs and Logan Paulsen)

Players who have played for a team that reached the Super Bowl: 5

Former draft choices on injured reserve: 3

Former draft choices on the physically unable to perform list: 1

Former draft choices currently suspended: 2