Haslett: Incognito a good guy, mostly

Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett didn't want to be drawn into a discussion on the mess in Miami involving offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. He doesn't know enough to comment; he also doesn't like to wade into that sort of controversy.

But Haslett did coach in St. Louis when Incognito played there, even serving as an interim coach in 2008. He had no problem with the guard.

"Richie's a competitor, he's tough, he plays with a nasty streak," Haslett said. "I think a good guy, for the most part, you know. But he loves football. He plays hard and practices hard. That's really the only thing I was concerned with."

Other Haslett highlights from his media gathering Thursday:

  • On DeAngelo Hall: "DeAngelo and I have a good relationship, along with Raheem. He wanted to be here. We knew that. It was one of those situations where he was making a lot of money for a long time, and then, you know, what goes up must go down in this business. But I think he's playing outstanding, a high level, and he's got to continue to keep doing that through the second half of the season. He texted me in the offesason and told me he's going to rev it up and play, and I mean, he's stuck to that. You've just got to keep him going, and the rest of those guys have got to keep playing at the level they're playing at."

  • The goal-line stand: "That's a heck of a play. We had nine possessions in the game and we played seven really well, then at the end we got a little tired, and the last drive those guys rallied and did a nice job on the goal-line stand. Did a good job on the run game, and obviously covered really well. I think it's a plus for the whole football team. Kudos to the defense. Those guys stood up, did a nice job."

  • On David Amerson's game versus San Diego: "I thought David played an outstanding game last week, excluding the last drive. He wasn't very good on the last drive because he was a little fatigued. For the most part, in that whole game, he had a great interception, outstanding, undercut the guy and made a great play. I think he's getting better and better every day."

  • On Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder: "He's a heck of an athlete with a good arm. I think he's coming into his own. I think he's a heck of a quarterback."

  • On Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and if there's anything unique to him: "Other than being big, fast and strong? And having great vision and great running ability? Nah [laughs]. Yeah, he's got a little of everything, and he's a heck of a running back, and he can catch the ball -- he can do everything. He's a great blocker."