Fred Davis knew bonus was history

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis knows he could have earned the money. He also knows he no longer has an opportunity to do so. And that means he’ll finish the season with a half-million dollars less than he originally anticipated.

By being inactive for a fifth time last week, Davis lost a chance to collect a $500,000 bonus. He needed to be active in at least 12 games to earn it, a clause put in because he was coming off an Achilles injury.

“It sucks not to be able to earn it,” Davis said. “I know I’m healthy and I was ready to play, but I kind of figured that would happen because I didn’t really get to play the last two or three games. I figured it was going that way.

“It’s something I know I could have earned.”

Davis hasn’t played since Week 6 and hasn’t caught a pass since Week 2. He sprained an ankle earlier this year, but said he’s completely healthy.

“Even practicing against our No. 1 defense after my ankle I’m still winning, so I don’t feel anything different,” Davis said.

He said that he’d be willing to play special teams, though it’s not exactly his strength. Davis also doesn’t anticipate getting much time over the final seven weeks, barring an injury. Then he’ll enter free agency after not playing a lot, with teams wondering about him.

“That’s something you have to think about,” Davis said. “Everyone will wonder why I’m not playing. Everyone has got questions why. I only need one team to believe in me. If it’s here, if it’s not here I’m going to show them I’m able to play in this league.”