Shanahan not focused on extension

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he's not worried right now about whether or not he receives a contract extension after the season. Shanahan has one year left on his contract.

There will be a lot of speculation about his status as the season winds down, especially if the Redskins don't play better. And the talk will center on the impact it would have on the organization if Redskins owner Dan Snyder opts not to give him an extension, making him a lame-duck coach. That could hurt the team's ability to attract free agents or convince others to stick around. The flip side is a coach who, potentially, would have three double-digit-loss seasons in four years.

For now, Shanahan's focus lies on Sunday's opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, and trying to turn around a 3-6 team.

"I’ve got a contract for next year. I’ve got a contract this year," Shanahan said. "I’m concerned about our games. I’ve been very lucky – I’ve been in this profession for a long time and your focus is on your job. And I say that with all due sincerity – it’s something I do not think about.

"Any time I talk about a contract, if it’s with a player or a coach, it’s always after the season. Once we get started we don’t talk about it because we’ve got to focus on each game, and if you don’t focus on the game you take away from what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Earlier in his Wednesday news conference, Shanahan said players shouldn't be worried about their contract status, either.

"If you’re a guy that’s really worried about your contract and not worried about the job that you’re doing, you might not have the right guy anyhow," he said. "So we’re hoping we have guys that want to go out and give us everything that they have to possibly get that new contract if that’s what their motivation is. ... Anybody that’s in the last year of their contract we understand the reality of what we’re dealing with. They’d like to put the best performance on tape. That gives them more leverage, and rightfully so."