Conference-call highlights: Chip Kelly

ASHBURN, Va. -- Three things we learned talking to Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly in a conference call Wednesday:

1. He tried to recruit Robert Griffin III out of high school.

It didn't last long. Kelly didn't talk to Griffin in person, nor did he scout him or even visit his high school.

"We talked to him in the spring and then he committed [to Baylor] early. He never visited. I think we talked to him on the phone and that was it," Kelly said.

Kelly recalled one thing more than any other when it came to Griffin's high school days.

"He was really fast."

2. He did not come to Philadelphia with only thoughts of installing the same offense he ran at Oregon.

As Kelly pointed out, he's the only coach on the staff, in a prominent position at least, who came from Oregon. The only other offensive coach who came from Oregon is assistant offensive-line coach Greg Austin. Kelly's offensive coordinator is Pat Shurmur, who spent two seasons as Cleveland's head coach. His receivers coach is Bobby Bicknell, who had been with the Bills. And there were two holdovers: Duce Staley, who takes over as the running-backs coach, and Ted Williams, who coached the Eagles' backs from 1997 to 2012 and now is in charge of tight ends.

"There was never a premise that we were going to bring exactly what we did at Oregon to the NFL," Kelly said. "It's a combination of all of us getting together and putting an offense together."

3. Quarterback Michael Vick won the starting job because of how well he grasped Kelly's offense.

Yes, Vick also is a bit more skilled than Nick Foles, and that caught Kelly's eye as well.

"His arm is as good as there is in the league," Kelly said. "He can flick the ball in a lot of different arm angles, gets the ball off extremely quick. He's got a great release, strong arm, and you add to that his ability to keep plays alive and to use his feet as a weapon. So he's got a real good skill set for what we're trying to get accomplished."