Bruce Allen: Deal with Kirk Cousins not as complicated as believed

Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen continues to express optimism about signing quarterback Kirk Cousins, though it remains to be seen if it’s to a long-term deal or on the franchise tag.

Still, Allen, speaking to team-owned ESPN 980 in Houston, site of the Super Bowl, said, “I don’t think it’s as complicated as everyone wants to make it. And we’ll get together with his agent, and I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement.”

The Redskins were unable to reach one last offseason, necessitating them using the franchise tag on Cousins. The sides were $4 million per year apart on the average annual salary and never came close to narrowing that gap. Allen could be right: It won't be complicated if they pay a certain price. At that point, the decision isn't hard: You either use the tag or you don't. With Cousins having more leverage, it'll be up to the Redskins to be closer to his demands than vice versa.

Cousins has said numerous times he wants to go where he’s wanted -- and the Redskins’ offer will let him know just how much they desire him. Allen said the franchise is sold on Cousins, though it remains to what degree. The terms of the contract will answer that last part.

But Allen told 980 that Cousins “is going to be our quarterback. We’ve said it. We obviously like what we’ve done. We think we’re going to get better, that’s the key.”

Later, talking to 106.7 The Fan, Allen said they felt strongly about Cousins last offseason, too. But even after Brock Osweiler, with a lesser resume, signed for $18 million per year with Houston, the Redskins’ offer never topped $16 million per year. They were content on seeing if Cousins could build on 2015.

“We just couldn’t work out an agreement with his agent and that’s where we are this year,” Allen said on 106.7. “We probably could have handled it better and [agent Mike McCartney] could have handled it better. Whatever. We’re going to get back at it.”