Terrelle Pryor, Josh Norman share competitiveness and Giant feuds

Pryor says he would love to play with Cousins (0:15)

Redskins WR Terrelle Pryor calls Kirk Cousins a "great quarterback" and hopes to work with him. (0:15)

Washington Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor expressed excitement at facing Josh Norman in practice. Both are strong competitors; both can help one another.

Pryor took a different approach than Norman did in a battle -- feud -- with a New York Giants player. But it still could make for an interesting two games next season.

While Norman had a celebrated feud with receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Pryor was the target in a one-sided battle with corner Janoris Jenkins. It was one-sided because of Pryor’s response.

A little backstory: After Pryor caught six passes for 131 yards in a loss to New York last season, Jenkins tagged Pryor on Twitter and wrote, “You a S--- Eater to me, u really sucks.” Jenkins also scoffed at Pryor’s big day by saying he caught all his passes in zone coverage.

Pryor responded in a way that diffused the situation, or at least prevented it from escalating -- and in so doing, left Jenkins on an island. Pryor called him a great corner who played a solid game; he then wished him luck.

Norman had to spend a lot of the 2016 offseason discussing his matchup vs. Beckham and would alternate between not understanding why the Giants wideout kept talking about him, and taking a jab here and there.

Heck, before the Redskins played the Browns last season, Pryor gave a pretty good reason why he doesn’t need to engage with corners.

"Me? I’m 6-5, 230. I am not worried about a corner talking about me. Period," he told reporters.

Norman covered Pryor during Washington’s win over Cleveland last season. Pryor caught four passes for 42 yards and a touchdown -- a crossing route vs. Norman -- in the first half. But he finished with only one more catch for 4 yards. Norman intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter, baiting quarterback Cody Kessler by how he positioned himself vs. Pryor.

Now they can reprise that matchup on a daily basis next summer.

“Iron sharpens iron,” Pryor said. “I'm not saying whether I'm on his level or I’m not saying anything like that. What I do know is that he's a competitor and I competed against him at a high level. He competed against me at a high level and he's a very competitive guy, a very fiery guy. The opportunity to compete with somebody that wants to be great, I mean, I'll take that every day. I'm very excited about that because I know he's going to help me and I can help him. That's what helps get your team better.”