Redskins want NFL to ditch 'garish uniforms' on Thursday nights

The Washington Redskins are tired of the Color Rush uniforms, and want NFL teams to have the ability to opt out.

The reason: “garish uniforms.”

Yes, that’s how it was stated in the proposed bylaw change that Washington will introduce at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona next week. The Redskins have avoided having to participate in a Color Rush game, playing their Thursday game on Thanksgiving. Teams that played on regular Thursday nights wore Color Rush uniforms, which did not go over well with many fans.

If the Redskins are able to have the league eliminate this requirement, some will view it as one of Washington's best offseason moves.

And it makes more sense, as some uniforms were quite garish: The Redskins' unis, if they ever have to wear them, would be gold on gold with burgundy numbers. Denver was all orange (though the souped-up, old-school Broncos helmets were good). But there are stylish ones; Carolina’s blue with black stripes on the sleeves and white jersey numbers springs to mind. But not every team comes across well.

This proposal will be viewed differently than one of Washington's other proposals. The Redskins want the touchback spot to go to the 20-yard line from the 25 only when the kickoff goes through the uprights. Their reason: player safety. With kicker Dustin Hopkins' leg, the Redskins would have someone capable of splitting the uprights on a kickoff.

And it certainly would add some life to what is now a boring play, with fewer kicks being returned. Instead of wondering whether a guy can take it the distance, it would become about whether the kicker can split the uprights. If teams try to do so, it would naturally lead to longer kickoffs, and more touchbacks.

The Redskins also proposed, once again, that there should be unlimited instant replays, as long as teams continue to win their challenges. They also proposed a rule that a concussed player who has not been cleared by the league's concussion protocol be placed on a team’s exempt list. The team could then replace him with another player until he’s cleared.