After working with Kirk Cousins, Terrelle Pryor says 'we're going to do well'

Pryor developing chemistry with Cousins (0:38)

Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor says he's spent time with Kirk Cousins learning Washington's offense and working on hand signals. (0:38)

MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- The benefit started the night before they worked on the field for the first time. Washington Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor spent two hours in the hotel room of his new quarterback, Kirk Cousins, talking football.

It mattered.

They discussed various plays Pryor had run in Cleveland last season and how they were similar to what he’d run this year -- just with a new name. Cousins taught him a number of plays and then quizzed Pryor.

“He started giving me hand signals like I was out wide," Pryor said. "It took me a while and then I started knocking them down without getting them wrong.”

After he signed with the Redskins, Pryor had said Cousins’ presence was among the reasons he was excited for 2017. Now, after working with him ahead of Monday’s first offseason voluntary workout, Pryor is even more excited.

During their time together in Florida, they only misfired on one or two passes -- out of 200, he said.

“It was about him getting my timing down,” Pryor said. “There were a couple routes I had to run a couple times because he’s a timing thrower, and he throws it to spots. But we’ll get there. When we get there Monday, we’ll go two or three times a week and work on that as well. I was eager. It was great to work with him and get to know him.”

Pryor also tapped into his quarterback history to help develop their relationship more, sharing information on various plays or routes with Cousins. They discussed the importance of being precise with certain routes in the red zone, creating more separation and keeping the timing of the play. And he liked how Cousins responded.

“He’ll take that info in and say, ‘I really like that,’" Pryor said. “That’s how I knew me and him would click. We’re going to do well.”

It also excited Pryor to see some of his other new teammates up close. Tight end Jordan Reed and receivers Josh Doctson and Jamison Crowder attended the workout in Florida, as did third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

“What do you do when we’re on the same side and it’s Cover 2?” Pryor said. “Where is the safety at? It puts Jordan one-on-one with the linebacker inside. If the safety stays inside, then I’m outside one-on-one. Or you got Josh Doctson. If he starts showing on film the way he showed me down there -- he’s catching crazy balls one-handed and jumping out of the sky. Then you have Crowder? What do you do?”

It added up to a good trip for Pryor, who even won a $100 bet with Jon Gruden, who worked with the group. They ate at Gruden's house each night and would golf on the course that borders his property. Pryor said on the par-5 that’s at the back of his house, he faced a putt for par.

“I knocked it down, like a 20-foot putt,” Pryor said. “I didn’t take the money off him though.”

Instead, he was much happier with what he felt he left Florida with: a budding rapport with his new quarterback.