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While waiting for his baby, Kirk Cousins stays prepared

ASHBURN, Virginia -- Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who likes his day mapped out and his routines consistent, wasn’t going to let the birth of his first child keep him from preparing for a game. At least not for the entire day.

Friday morning, before his wife had entered labor, he texted backup quarterback Colt McCoy with a request: FaceTime him in the meeting.

“So he went through the meeting with us,” McCoy said. “He was taking notes and I was talking to him about what Kevin [O’Connell] and Jay [Gruden] were telling me. My battery died so we were on there for a while.”

Cousins’ wife, Julie, went to the hospital Thursday -- the quarterback ran out of the facility after practice. He remained at the hospital Friday, though she had not yet given birth as of early afternoon.

From a family perspective, Cousins wanted to be with his wife. From a football perspective, neither Gruden nor McCoy felt it was a big deal that Cousins couldn’t practice. It helps that Washington doesn’t play again until Monday night at Kansas City.

“Kirk has played [36] straight games. To miss a day like this won’t affect him at all,” McCoy said. “He’s really smart. He knows what we’re trying to get accomplished.”

Gruden smiled and said, “Kirk will be just fine mentally. I promise.”

Friday proved to be a good opportunity for McCoy. Because Cousins takes every rep -- on advice once given to him by New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees -- McCoy hasn’t worked with the other starters. Cousins hasn’t missed a game since winning the starting job in the summer of 2015.

But on the off chance McCoy is needed, he’s now had at least a little work with the other starters.

“This is the first time I’ve taken snaps with these guys since the year started,” McCoy said. “I didn’t get any in camps either. It was fun. I’m always part of the game plan, always studying and preparing so to go out and have a day with those guys, I’m not complaining at all. It helps me, it helps my confidence if I’m asked to do that five weeks from now. Today was a good day.”

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