Power Rankings: No. 30 Washington

A weekly examination of the Redskins' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 10 | Last Week: 29 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

It has come to this: The Washington Redskins are being kept out of the NFL cellar by only two teams, including No. 31 Jacksonville, which lost its first eight games, and No. 32 Houston, which has lost 10 in a row. Quite the company Washington is keeping.

Thing is, a season that turned terrible a couple of games ago could get even worse. If the Redskins' slide continues -- and there’s no proof yet that it won’t -- they will reach the bottom of ESPN.com’s Power Rankings, and it will be deserved. The Redskins have yet to play a game this season that ended with anyone thinking, "What a well-played game by each unit." After a playoff run last season and with a healthy roster (until recently, that is), that’s shocking.

Yeah, some players (Robert Griffin III, Brian Orakpo) were recovering from injuries. But this fall has been so mighty that you do yourself a disservice to explain the crash citing only those and the salary cap penalty. You also won’t improve as an organization.

For all of this, they’ll receive a high second-round draft pick. As you’ll recall, and are probably well aware, the first pick will be sent to St. Louis to complete the 2012 trade that landed them the No. 2 overall pick, which they used to select Griffin. If the Redskins' current place in the standings holds, the Rams would receive the No. 2 overall pick. So yes, the Rams are quite happy with that deal. The Redskins and Griffin still have work to do; their end of the trade will take a few more years to accurately gauge.

Another point of interest from the poll: Four of the bottom five teams made the playoffs a year ago (Minnesota, Atlanta, Washington and Houston) while three of the top seven (Carolina, New Orleans, Kansas City) did not. Also, the Redskins have already played three games against bottom-10 teams (New York, Oakland and Minnesota) with two more on the way (Atlanta, New York). They've played four of the top 10 teams (Denver, San Francisco, Philadelphia) with one more on the way Sunday (Kansas City).