Redskins RB Chris Thompson says he'll be ready for training camp

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins running back Chris Thompson has already tired of being restricted to his couch and playing video games. He also knows the recovery from his surgery remains in the infancy stage.

The recovery, as of early December, was expected to take four to six months, so Thompson said he expects to be fully recovered by the start of training camp at the latest. Thompson fractured his right fibula in a Week 11 loss to New Orleans.

The Redskins’ season changed after Thompson went down. Before he was hurt, the Redskins averaged 23.10 points and 359.4 yards per game. After his injury, they averaged 16.17 points and 267.5 yards. Tight end Jordan Reed also wasn’t playing, and left tackle Trent Williams played only two more games after the Week 11 loss, and the toll on the offense became too much.

Thompson finished with 510 receiving yards and 294 rushing yards. He scored a career-high six touchdowns and averaged 13.1 yards per catch. That’s why Thompson said it was rough knowing his season had come to an end.

“Not so much because of how I was playing or the numbers, it was more the impact I knew I had on my teammates, this offense,” he said. “Having to sit at home and see it unfold, there was a lot of things I felt I did pretty good that could have helped my team in the second half of the season. It sucked not being there.”

Thompson, who has graduated from using a scooter to being on crutches, said the rehab thus far has been boring.

“I can’t do much but play video games right now,” Thompson said, “which I thought I would really enjoy. But it sucks now after doing it a month and a half. But my body’s feeling good. It’s a slow process right now. No need to rush or force anything.”

Thompson signed a two-year contract extension in September, which reduces any stress about what might have happened in his future without a new deal. He said a conversation earlier this week with former Redskins receiver Santana Moss helped him as well.

“He was saying based off everything I did on the field for the games I did play, you know you don’t have to worry about much because you’ve shown what you can do,” Thompson said. “The coaches, they’re not stressing out about it now that the season is over; it’s a matter of they know how hard I work. So they have no doubt I’ll come back stronger than I was last year.”