Redskins game day: Catching up

Some links to stories you might have missed leading up to the game:

Linebacker Brian Orakpo's impact on the pass rush is noticeable, especially when comparing how the Redskins recorded sacks in 2011 with him and in 2012 when he missed the final 15 games. That's not to say Orakpo is on the level of a DeMarcus Ware; few are. But there is a difference when Orakpo plays for the Redskins: more pressure from their base defense, more sack opportunities for end Stephen Bowen. There's a trickle-down effect even if Orakpo doesn't get the sack.

To prepare for Philadelphia's offense, the Redskins watched a lot of Chip Kelly's former team, Oregon. I watched a couple, too, and then asked the players their thoughts on what to expect Monday.

One way to slow a fast-paced offense? Fake an injury. But Redskins coach Mike Shanahan called that tactic "unethical."

Here's some advice and thoughts from others -- Alfred Morris, Michael Vick, Jon Gruden -- on what Robert Griffin III needs to do. One sample from Alfred Morris: "He has to be a smarter runner. A lot of times on options I’m like, 'Give me the ball.' Not because I want the stats, but give me the ball to let me take the hit. I can take this hit. I’m built for this. So just not as many hits and being smarter sliding instead of making something big happen."

ESPN.com Eagles reporter Phil Sheridan and I go back and forth with questions and answers, and even predictions, prepping for Monday night.

Get to know your opponent: Some links to Eagles stories. Here's another on Michael Vick.