Garcon on home turf: 'It's been bad all year'

ASHBURN, Va. -- The rain didn’t help the conditions, but for the Washington Redskins, the conditions on the field didn’t seem all that different.

“It’s been bad all year,” receiver Pierre Garcon said.

The Redskins did not lose 24-23 to the Dallas Cowboys because of soggy turf. What Garcon said about the turf could be applied to the performance of the team. And it also must be noted when it comes to the turf that both teams play on it – and other teams have not had many problems winning at the Redskins’ home field. Washington finished 2-6 at home.

On Dallas’ winning drive, the Redskins suffered three slips on the turf. Corner Josh Wilson slipped and fell after Terrance Williams turned upfield to catch a 51-yard pass. End Chris Baker slipped as he rushed on the final play, allowing a gap for quarterback Tony Romo to run through and hit running back DeMarco Murray for a 10-yard touchdown. Corner DeAngelo Hall slipped as he tried to plant and run at Murray.

Dallas did not have as many problems with the turf, which was resodded last month.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he has always preferred a natural grass playing surface. But he said it was not his call whether to stick with grass or have another surface installed.

“I like grass,” Shanahan said. “But I wouldn’t make that decision. [Owner Dan] Snyder would make that decision.”

Shanahan said if he returns he would talk to Snyder about other possibilities.

“With some new turf, you always entertain the possibility,” Shanahan said. “Two or three years in a row you see how bad that field is. It’s something you would definitely look at.”