Josh Morgan: I play for my city

ASHBURN, Va. -- Josh Morgan's production hasn’t matched the contract he signed with the Washington Redskins. And this season hasn’t gone well; he and the Redskins hoped playing without screws in his foot would help. It hasn’t.

But he also provided some insight as to how players deal with a bad situation such as this one -- and his sources of motivation.

“It’s so much uncertainty, you never know what’s going to happen,” Morgan said. “You just go out there and keep playing for your teammates to make sure you enjoy this last game with your teammates. Other than that, you let everything else play out. You don’t worry about nothing else.

“The bond that’s created in the NFL is between your teammates, and that’s brotherhood. Those are the people you end up talking to years down the road. When you retire you still see them, you still got that bond. Blood, sweat, tears, broken fingers, broken bones, playing with screws in your body. You do that for your teammates, we just enjoy that bond with your teammates ... regardless of the situation, regardless of the uncertainty, regardless of the coaches.”

It’s not as if Morgan’s play down the stretch has backed up his sentiment -- five catches, 54 yards in the past five games and inconsistent run blocking. He's only caught 20 passes for the season. Still, it’s worth noting a players’ mindset during times like this.

He also said there’s no reminiscing at this point in the season.

“You just create that bond with your teammates and you stay close to that,” Morgan said. “You give them everything they deserve as your teammates. You keep in contact, you check on them. You do everything you’re supposed to do, everything you would do with your brother. You just leave it at that. There’s so much uncertainty, you don’t know what to expect. Life is already odd enough as it is, why add more stress trying to control something out of your control.”

Morgan could be playing his last game in a Redskins uniform Sunday. His contract voided to a two-year deal, so he’ll be a free agent after this season; it would be tough to see the current group re-signing him.

“It’s always added motivation being from here, I take so much pride putting that helmet on and putting that jersey on,” Morgan said. “I always let my city motivate me. I play for the pride of my city, for the pride of my family, play for God, play for my teammates. I never let nothing else take my motivation away.”