Redskins Super Bowl memories: Part 2

And now for Part 2 of your memories from the Redskins Super Bowl days, the last of which occurred 22 years ago. Yes, it’s probably hard for many to remember because so many seasons have passed since their third Super Bowl triumph. But there are people who remember that, yes, the Redskins once were good. Very good. And, yes, they won three Super Bowls and played in four from the 1982 season through 1991.

That’s a slightly different stretch of football that the Redskins are on right now. Then: eight double-digit win seasons in 10 years (one of which was a nine-game strike-shortened season). Now: Seven double-digit loss seasons since 2003. Sorry to remind you.

Anyway, here’s your memories, sent via Twitter, of the Redskins Super Bowl seasons (though no one said anything about their first appearance under George Allen after the 1972 season).