Redskins Super Bowl odds for next season

Bovada didn't waste any time putting out Super Bowl odds for next season. As you would expect, the Washington Redskins' odds aren't good -- but it's not as if anyone else in the NFC East is considered a safe pick to reach the NFL's ultimate game.

The Redskins have 40/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl -- same as St. Louis, Baltimore and Houston. Yes, it's surprising that the Rams and Ravens have the same odds. But Bovada must be counting on Robert Griffin III to have a bounceback season (the Redskins opened the 2013 season at 33/1 odds, likely in part because of uncertainty surrounding Griffin), to at least give them a chance to improve. After ending the season with eight straight losses, the Redskins are listed ahead of nine other teams.

Philadelphia, at 25/1, has the best odds of anyone in the NFC East. Dallas and New York both were listed at 33/1. Jacksonville has the worst odds of any team at 100/1. By the way, entering the season, Bovada's top four teams: Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and New England. All played in the conference championship game.

Here are the top five teams with the best odds of reaching next year's Super Bowl:

Seattle Seahawks: 9/2

San Francisco 49ers: 15/2

Denver Broncos: 8/1

New England Patriots: 14/1

Green Bay Packers: 16/1